InVideo is a powerful software that helps in making video content. One can easily convert content into dazzling videos the best and easier way to create video content on the phone as well. InVideo premium services cover all your needs.

InVideo Features

InVideo is the easier way to transform your content into amazing videos. With the help of video content, it’s a way to increase engagement. InVideo is best suited for small businesses, brands, media companies etc. Marketers, individuals, publishers and brands can profit from making the best content videos on InVideo.

InVideo is a versatile tool for creating videos. It has a massive collection of stock footage and premium videos to use. You can also choose from thousands of pre-made video templates, saving you time. The best part is you can create videos in your preferred language and even add automated voiceovers.

The software is user-friendly and doesn’t require prior knowledge. You can make high-quality videos quickly. Here’s how to get started: log in, pick a design, customize it, and then edit and publish.

Using InVideo can boost your business, especially on a landing page where videos can increase your conversion rate by up to 80%. You can also turn articles into engaging videos and add a unique touch to your logo. InVideo even provides a blank canvas for complete creative freedom.

InVideo is handy for YouTube, allowing you to create intro videos and edit content. You can add music and text to online videos, make movies, and use it for Instagram, outros, promos, and collages.

You can create various types of videos, like posters, clips, Happy Birthday videos, slideshows, and meme templates in seconds. InVideo offers tools for creating memes, online movies, invitations, and promo content.

What’s great about InVideo is its 24/7 support. You can chat live, join their Facebook community, schedule a demo, or contact them for assistance. Their team of professionals offers excellent customer service, and InVideo allows for unlimited team members, making it a valuable content creation tool.

Here are some key aspects of InVideo:

  1. All-in-One Marketing Tools: InVideo comes equipped with a range of features that empower you to create compelling video content for your marketing needs.
  2. Video Editing Made Simple: With InVideo, you can effortlessly edit and trim your social media videos using a built-in YouTube video editor.
  3. Professional Intro and Outro: InVideo makes it easy to craft introductory and concluding segments for your corporate videos, adding a professional touch.
  4. Facebook Video Templates: Access a variety of templates designed for Facebook video ads, simplifying the process of creating eye-catching advertisements.
  5. Robust Instagram Video Editing: InVideo provides powerful editing tools specifically tailored for enhancing your Instagram videos.
  6. Export to MP3: InVideo also offers the option to convert your YouTube videos into MP3 audio files, expanding your content’s versatility.

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InVideo Pricing

InVideo has pricing options that are simple and easy to understand. They have a free version and two paid plans: Business and Unlimited.

Free Version: InVideo’s free version allows you to use 3500+ video templates, access a library of 3 million+ standard media, and use automated text-to-speech. You can create videos with a duration of up to 15 minutes, and they won’t have watermarks. The resolution is 720p, and you get 1GB of cloud storage. It’s good for basic use, but it has limitations.

Business Plan: If you want more features, you can go for the Business plan. It costs $30 per month, or you can pay $15 per month if you choose the yearly billing option. This plan is great for small businesses, social media influencers, and entrepreneurs. It includes everything in the free version, plus you get ten iStock media items each month, access to 1 million+ premium media resources, the ability to export 60 videos per month, and 20 Remove Background credits. The resolution is 1080p, and you get 10GB of cloud storage.

Unlimited Plan: The Unlimited plan is priced at $60 per month, or you can save money by paying $30 per month with annual billing. This plan includes everything from the free version and adds more features. You get 120 iStock media items each month, access to 1 million+ premium media, unlimited video exports, 40 Remove Background credits, and a resolution of 1080p. You also get up to 100GB of cloud storage.

So, if you need more capabilities and are willing to invest in video creation, the Business and Unlimited plans are good options to consider.

InVideo FAQs

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, be sure to review InVideo's cancellation policy and terms to understand any associated fees or refund policies.
Yes, videos created with the free plan may have an InVideo watermark. To remove the watermark, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan.
InVideo offers a variety of editing features, including text overlays, animations, transitions, music integration, and the ability to trim and arrange video clips. You can also add effects and stickers to enhance your videos.
InVideo offers both free and paid plans. While there is a free version with limited features, premium plans provide access to a wider range of features and templates.
To get started with InVideo, you can sign up for an account on their website. Once you're logged in, you can start creating videos by choosing a template or starting from scratch.
InVideo provides a wide range of templates for different video types, such as promotional videos, social media content, YouTube intros, and more. You can customize these templates to suit your needs.
Yes, you can upload your own media files to InVideo and use them in your video projects. This allows you to personalize your videos with your own content.

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